Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wed 10/10/07 workshop outline

1. Introduction

a. Welcome
b. Purpose- Fastest and easiest way to get information on the web
c. Share information with everyone... students, parents, administration and staff
d. Can be used as a classroom tool. With a little creativity...??
e. A simple G mail account provides you access to many new tools and resources

2. Example: Shafer Forensics Blog

a. Discuss areas... title, post, links,
b. Posts will be organized by most recent on top to oldest on bottom
c. Discuss different posts in his blog and aspects

i. Comments can be turned on or off.
ii. It allows readers to post a comment which makes this a 2 way communication tool
iii. As you post it keeps track on the right hand side. It is done automatically. And it does it by month.
iv. You have control over this
if you choose to learn a little more, you can create your own links and have more control

3. Teachers will build a blog for one class… discuss

a. Google drives this whole environment.
b. You must have a gmail account to use these tools.
c. We have pretend accounts, spragueteacher1, spragueteacher2 etc.
d. You will have to create your own account to do this for real
e. We will help you create a gmail account before you leave if you want.

4. Let's make a blog… process

a. Go to
b. Login to account (
c. Discuss each screen
d. Display name: Forensics on Shafer's site (use a class you taught today!)
e. url-tied to your blog (forensicscalendar in shafer.... use your name etc)
f. Give 60 seconds to choose… this is practice, when you do this for real spend more time being picky!

5. Start posting

a. Sequential (October 22 will be on top today…)
b. Type things you did today in that class
c. Discuss tools at the top
d. Post
e. View Blog

6. Edit post (notice pencil icon)

a. Keep it simple
b. View blog

7. New post

a. Keep in the theme... Wednesday Oct 24
b. What will you be doing next class?

8. Questions

9. Important!! Must emphasize sign out!

a. Close your browser
b. Re-open and see that sign out is critical
c. Now
Sign out
d. Sign in again
e. Add a 3rd post
f. Make me laugh

10. Demonstrate Google docs

a. Take an existing Google doc and post to a web
b. Link to it also.
c. Emphasize you have to have a G mail account to do this. We are pretending

11. Create personal G mail accounts